SR IT Architect

Company Name:
Radiant Systems, Inc
Description: Looking for a strong technical leader to form up and run a small group of IT architects focusing on strategic projects and tier 3 support. Ideal candidate will be an experienced leader with a strong technical background. This individual must be a quick starter and capable of putting processes in place for the team to set goals and priorities ultimately leading to higher quality of service for the larger IT operations team.

Responsibilities: Build and maintain a strategic project portfolio reflecting the strategic goals of the overall organization. Develop relationships with engineering customers, learn their tooling needs and areas of potential improvement. Develop relationships with peer IT architect groups and integrate their roadmaps with your team's roadmap. Manage a small group of very senior IT architects. Establish processes for reviewing strategic goals, integrating the strategic team with the operations teams, establish escalation processes for the strategic team to assist in tier 3 problems. Advise IT leadership on new directions and trends in the IT and software engineering industries.

Skills/Experience: Minimum 10 years' experience in a hands on technical role in either IT or software engineering. Minimum 3 years in a leadership or management
. Know the industry though experience. We are looking for someone that has been around the block, has some industry contacts and is excited about technology. Our team focused on IT for software engineering. You need to be experienced with both. Have experience working with/designing/supporting, CI systems, Agile development methodologies, SCM systems, build server infrastructures, etc

Education: Required: Bachelor's,
Engineering and/or Computer Networks & Systems and/or Computer Science and/or Electrical Engineering and/or Information Technology or equivalent experience

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